WebAddiction - Virginie Mangelinck - Digital Designer / Front-end Integrator & Accessibility Expert

A little
about me

I'm Virginie Mangelinck from Belgium. I'm a Digital Designer, Front-end Integrator and Accessibility Expert with 18 years of experience in the Web and IT domain (7 years in the private sector and 11 years in the European Institutions & Agencies).

I'm designing/building web sites/applications user interfaces with strong focus on responsive design, accessibility, performance, and in the area of front-end (HTML5, CSS, SVG, presentational JavaScript).

Virginie Mangelinck

What I do with love and addiction

Design with engagement

It's important for me to be involved since the beginning of the project. I like to collaborate with UX Designer and be present during the user interview to understand their needs and painpoints.

This engagement is very important to achieve quality live prototypes and subsequent designs that reflect the needs of users.

Coding with respect

I write HTML and CSS by following the international standards for the web from The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

I build digital product for web accessibility including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and WAI-ARIA for Accessible Rich Internet Applications.

Everyone should have access to digital information

A digital product or service needs to be usable by users of assistive technologies by default. Accessibility is essential to create high-quality apps, websites and we don’t exclude people to using digital products and services.

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